Understand how people interact together with your Instagram content

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Knowing what percentage people have seen your content and the way they interacted with it’s key to growing your audience and galvanizing loyalty. It helps you understand what’s working (or not)! The Creator Studio Insights tab gives you an honest idea of the recent overall activity on your content. See activity on specific posts within the Content library tab.


To access your Instagram insights in Creator Studio, you need to first connect your account.

Access Instagram insights in Creator Studio

  1. Go to Creator Studio on a computer and click  at the top of your screen.

  2. Select Insights.

  3. Select Activity.

Recent overall activity insights

The Activity section of the Insights tab in Creator Studio Instagram shows you activity on your content, aggregated over the last seven days.

The insights within the Activity section include:

Actions taken on your account

This set of insights measures the actions people take once they engage together with your account. These can include profile or website visits, taps to call, text or email you or taps to urge directions to your business.

Accounts reached

This set of insights measures the reach and impressions of your content. Reach is that the number of unique accounts that have seen your posts. Impressions are the entire number of times your posts are seen.

Activity insights on specific posts

For insights into actions taken on specific, individual Instagram posts, attend the Content library tab and click on on a post. All of your posts are visible within the content library, no matter once they were published.

Insights available for specific posts include:


Number of views, viewing time, unique viewers and more


Reach, number of likes, comments, shares and more


Pages that have shared your video

You may even see some tips, custom-tailored to how your posts are doing!


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